Sunday, January 2, 2011

Poetry: Prey

Shrink wrapped hatemail holocausts
Put your good shoes on 
And look sincere about it.
But we're all judas so  
the wrong god walks the green mile.
A traitor isn't lonely
The cause keeps him warm when
All the beds are taken.
Dandelion seeds ask if
one lonely ape loses his head,
What's the big deal?

Man is the predator that shows its teeth
And calls it kindness.
Explosives hard wired into his grey matter
A Fanatic
An interrogator of dreams
With a hard-on for possession.
the wrong god funnels whispers from
an electric chair:
sing me out of this glass cage
and I will show you an after religion,
an after death.
I will show you what comes after
the need to own.

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